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Where do our engines come from?
Our low-mileage Japanese engines and transmissions are imported from Japan by importers on the west coast. Over the years we have found that the only way to maintain an inventory that we are proud to sell, is to hand select our engines before they are shipped, test them in our facility and return those that do not meet our high standards. Naturally, this is more time consuming than simply buying bulk straight from Japan, but the benefits are a low defect rate and satisfied return customers. No other company can offer you this level of service.

Why do our engines have such low mileage?
The fact is, not all engines coming from Japan have less than 30,000 miles on them. We have seen engines with tags on them showing well over 30,000 miles. We have also seen engines that, with the valve covers off, appear to have never seen an oil change. We leave these engines for others to sell. Japan has imposed automobile taxation and licensing laws that make it cost effective to replace the vehicle about every four years. These laws were initiated to reduce the vehicle population problem without reducing new vehicle sales in the Japanese Domestic Market. This has a positive effect on many aspects of the automotive industry, including more cars sold each year, lower production cost, technological advancement of new models, improved air quality and safety. This allows us to provide you with quality used parts for less money.

Do the engines come with an ECU or manifolds?
No. The emissions and operating system are non-U.S. compliant.