JDM Engine Swap Depot | Quality Service Since 1984

Metric Motors A.K.A JDM Engine Swap Depot was born from the demands of customers. Since 1984 we have been providing high quality Japanese engines and cylinder heads to repair shops, dealerships, or any backyard mechanic.

With our comprehensive quality control process, we can offer one of the industry’s best warranties. All of our engines, used or rebuilt, go through a series of tests and are inspected in depth so we can stand behind the quality of our product. Using our in house SIM test that spins the engine at five hundred RPMS, we are able to do a compression and leak down test as well as measure the oil pressure.

For over seven years our engines have been used in off road, marine and high performance street applications, that we have shipped all over the U.S. We can build them and tune them on our in house engine dyno or dynamometer which measures the horsepower, torque and durability of the engine. We have developed Engines that have broken multiple world records at The Bonneville Salt Flats in the past two years.

A commonly requested service is the Volkswagen Vanagon conversion. We replace the underpowered and unreliable Volkswagen engine, power-train and engine management system with Subaru. The reward is better fuel economy, lower emissions, twice the power and superior reliability just to name a few.

Although we are widely known to be Subaru specialists and supplier of JDM Engines and cylinder heads, we also provide a vast number of services to all makes and models, from scheduled maintenance and repairs to a complete engine overhaul and installation. We strive to set the standard when it comes to repairing your vehicle with quality parts and affordable prices in a timely manner.